What is REN XUE?

REN XUE (pronounced Rern Shueh) is a holistic set of tools and teachings to help us navigate life in a more calm, relaxed and joyous way.

REN XUE’s creator, Yuan Tze, has brought together his wealth of experience spanning both Eastern and Western traditions and philosophies, as well as developments in Western science and medicine.


The system comprises two distinct disciplines to help enhance and uplift life:

  • Yuan Qigong, a contemporary still and moving meditation practice, helps individuals find greater peace, harmony and joy.

  • Yuan Ming Medicine offers healing techniques that can diminish the effects of injury and illness, and help address problems on the non-physical level.


Ultimately, REN XUE is a geniusly simple system. It promises the possibility of improving the happiness in your life.

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A holistic system promising the possibility of a happier and more fulfilling life.

"Put your heart in every
present moment and you have
the future in your hands"


Yuan Tze

About Yuan Tze - The creator of REN XUE

Yuan Tze’s passion to understand and improve physical and mental wellbeing began as a young boy in China.  He was raised by Daoist monks from six months of age until he was four years. In the following decades he was avidly drawn to studying traditional teachings and ancient wisdom. 


His dedicated research into the study of human life led him to learn the wide and varied traditions of the East (Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts etc) as well as to Western developments in philosophy, science and medicine.


Although he found many disciplines provided helpful insights, he also noticed that life still seemed rife with all sorts of problems. He realised that fundamentally they were not addressing the real root causes of problems, and so addressing these root causes became his main focus. Not an easy task you might think - but Yuan Tze’s REN XUE system includes a toolbox of methods that can be gradually incorporated into everyday life, making them accessible for everybody. Through the application of these methods people have the ability to profoundly transform their lives.


During the past three decades, Yuan Tze has had a huge impact on the hearts and minds of many people. He is able to convey profound wisdom in the most accessible way. People from all around the world come to New Zealand, where Yuan Tze is based, to learn about his inspiring teachings. Although viewed by his students as a high-level teacher, Yuan Tze sees himself as an ordinary person who is not on a ‘special level’. He considers himself a genuine and diligent life cultivator who is enthusiastic about sharing what he has learned.


Word of his wisdom is spreading and the REN XUE community has been growing quickly. Already there are thousands of practitioners worldwide with over three hundred teachers in over thirty-two countries. Those trained as REN XUE teachers include a stone-mason from Dunedin, a personal trainer from Portugal and a retired heart surgeon from Florida.


Yuan Tze’s English is limited; for trainings and retreats he is accompanied by his wife and translator, Melissa Kung. Together they are sharing REN XUE with the world.