• Bridget Baker

Art and finding freedom from "should"

I was following another passion of mine and researching a contemporary abstract artist today, In doing so, I came across a piece of writing by Kim Manfriedi, an artist and yoga instructor, that resonated with me:

"Do your work and try making it as true and quiet as it can be. Let yourself be simple, but honest. There is a full life that reveals herself when we let go of the notions of what it should be and that we should get somewhere with it."

While Manfriedi was referring to work in the sense of creating paintings, her sentiment could equally apply to experiences in our day-to-day lives.

As we go about our day, attempting to be as true to ourselves as possible. Interacting with others from our hearts. Observing our own thoughts to identify expectations that we are setting for ourselves, as well as those around us. "Should" is a word so heavily loaded with expectation and pressure. When we feel those expectations taking us to a place of distress, if we can attempt to re-framing our view, we can help ourselves to return to a place of quiet, calm and peace.

Wishing you the happiest of day and hoping that your eyes gaze upon countless visions of beauty and wonder today.

By Bridget Baker
Uncharted waters (2017), Acrylic on board

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