Tian Yuan & Di Yuan


4:30 pm

Bring balance back into your everyday life with these two highly effective Yuan Qigong practices.

Tian Yuan uses the mind and movements to connect with the essential Qi in the universe and draw it back to the body. It is a fast and effective way to replenish Qi and improve health.


Common benefits from Tian Yuan practice include:

  • increased energy levels

  • relief from pain in the neck, shoulders and arms, and

  • improved overall health.


Di Yuan uses specific postures and mind activity to bring benefits the body, Qi and mind simultaneously.

It is also designed to strengthen the three Qi gathering centres in the body - lower dantian, middle dantian and upper dantian - thereby enhancing the functioning of life as a whole.


Di Yuan Practice can also help practioners attain a calm and relaxed state, improve the focus of the mind and maintain the unification of the body, qi and mind.

Private Lessons

To be arranged

Tailored to meet your specific requirements are available on request.

Mindful Parenting Course

Coming soon... 

Parenting is one of the most complex, demanding and rewarding activities that we will do.


The reality is that sometimes we lose sight of being able to feel happy, have fun or guide and treat our children fairly; or maybe we haven’t been taught how to do this by our own parents.


While our brains and bodies are wired for connection, happiness, well-being and a sense of fun, putting that into practice while we parent can sometimes be a challenge!


Mindful Parenting is a practical course designed for parents (or intending parents) who would like to deepen their parenting ability and further enhance the relationship with their children.


Parents will learn the moving mindfulness exercises of Yuan Qigong. They will also explore ways to respond more thoughtfully to a child’s difficult behaviours, by bringing more awareness to common patterns of reactivity.


All throughout the course, parents will be supported to build on what they do well and explore ways to effectively change what is less helpful in their lives.


This course will be taught by me and my fellow Yuan Qigong teacher, Dorrie van Roij.