Want to feel happier, healthier and have a greater sense of wellbeing?

Want to be more resilient when facing the 

daily challenges of life?

The still and moving mindfulness meditation practices of Yuan Qigong can help you

achieve all of this

Yuan Qigong

Simple exercises combining 

free flowing body movements, breathing and

mind activities.

It's essentially mindfulness in motion.

Achieve increased energy,

mental clarity and emotional stability, as well as improved physical health.

What's involved?

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Enjoy the deep relaxation and sense of calm that can be achieved in just one short practice.

Experience increased energy, reduced stress, greater mental clarity and improved physical health.

What people say...

Yuan Qigong has opened my awareness to the fundamentals of a joyful life.  It has opened another door to self awareness & self healing. Many thanks Yuan Tze and Bridget

E. H. - Auckland 

My Qigong class with Bridget is certainly one of the highlights of my week. I am battling cancer and qigong has definitely added to my wellbeing with a reduction in pain and improved sleep patterns - love the healing aspect and can't wait to learn more.

L. W. - Auckland

The continued practice of Qigong is helping me to heal my life. I experience the results within my body and also in my life. I am experiencing more calm periods and my ability to relax is increasing also.

Y. L. - Auckland

Thoughts to share...